Wednesday, March 24, 2010

So Many Projects I want to do

Right now I have 7 projects started and am working at different times.  A couple of them are custom bags for my shop that were ordered, dresses for my girls, a couple bags I am trying to figure patterns out for, there are a few kinks to work out, and a little quilt.  I just have to have my WIP (work in progress) pile sitting next to my sewing table.  There are just somethings that I can't just keep working on in a whole sitting.  Like trying to figure a pattern out for a bag, it seems like when I walk away for a couple days and come back to it, I have some better ideas.  But there are times I come back to them and wonder what I was thinking!  :)  Sometimes it happens more then I'd like to admit. 
Here's a custom bag that I am working on right now and hopefully finish tonight or in the morning to get it sent off right away.  It's the "My Veske" style, the one with the grommets. 
This is a couple squares of the little quilt I am working on.  It's alot of fun and the first time that I have ever did any type of ruffles.  I can't wait to wash this when it is finished because the edges of the flowers are not finished, so they will fray some.  I am such a tactile person, I just love the texture.
I am wanting to make a few of these as soon as my WIP pile shrinks.  They are little art folder/tote things.  Still trying to think of a name for them.  Any suggestions?  On one half there are slots for markers and crayons, and the other half there are pockets for paper, coloring books or what ever.  I just love them, and they are fun to do.
So that's what I am keeping busy with this week and probably next week too.  :)  Things don't always go as fast as I plan, but who wants to rush life by.
Enjoy Your Veske!


  1. Looks like you have a lot of great projects going on Lindsay! Enjoy!

    A name for your art folder??? Hmmm...A busy book? Anyway...have fun!

  2. Thanks Karla for idea. I'm now thinking busy bag maybe. :)