Saturday, February 27, 2010

I did not realize it's been a month

Okay maybe over a month, sorry. I guess I just have been caught up in my sewing, kids, and trying to keep up my etsy shop and facebook page. I guess sometimes this starts to feel alittle over whelming, but different people that I have talked to that are selling their made goods started by doing this.

I am going to ask everyone reading this if you have any ideas of what is your favorite bag. Why is it your favorite, all the pockets, or lack there of? I like making every bag different from the next, but maybe that could be a down fall, should I have a couple of the same bag available? I think this will help me make more bags that are appealing to everyone. Just comment to the post.

I have 3 bags that I am working on right at the moment. That I am really excited about getting finished so that everyone can take a look. I have pics of all the bags I have made on my Facebook fan page, here is a link to the bags that I have available at Kerri B. and Company that I just dropped off there this past week.

This past week I haven't been feeling the greatest week so I think I am going to take a break from my sewing for a couple days, which will be hard. But I have so much house work to catch up on, why does that never end? I'm thinking that our hampers are like Mary Poppins bag, stuff just keeps coming out of them, I'm not really sure if there is a bottom. Especially to the girls', how many times a day can they change really?

We are taking the kids to the waterpark today and meeting my family there, so that should be a blast. And it should like it should be nice out, so hopefully playing in the snow is in the cards too.

Enjoy your Veske (and your weekend),