Thursday, March 18, 2010


As women we all think that we need to accessorize our looks before we leave the house. Well, I am learning how to make flowers to accessorize an accessory. :)

I already know how to make a couple different kinds of flowers, but I can never learn too much! I was supposed to show a sewing group how to make a flower before I had gotten sick, but as soon as things are back to normal, I will be doing it. So I think I am going to make the project into a tutorial to put here on my blog. That would be another first for me. :)

Making purses has started a bunch of first for me already this year, which was one of my new years "goals" not resolutions. I wanted to try new things and learn new things too. How exciting could life be if we stopped learning?
If you have any tips on how to make a tutorial, let me know because I haven't a clue!

Enjoy Your Veske!

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