Friday, March 26, 2010

Cookies! Yum!

These Have to be some of the best cookies and the easiest to make!

They are a favorite at our house.  I remember these cookies growing up, my Grandma would make them and us grandkids would sneak them by the handful. 
I made them this afternoon and they really take not time whatsoever since you don't have to bake them.  I know when my family realizes they are in the jar, they are going to go nuts.  I make cookies all the time and just love watching everyone enjoy them.  The recipe was from one of "The Grandma's."  Vivian isn't really one of the kids grandmas but they call her that and really she could be, they have so many loving grandmas!
It's out of one of my favorite cookbooks that I got when we were married and it really is the best.  It's one of those great church cookbooks where you know all the recipes were made with love!
I hope you enjoy because I know we will!  Tomorrow I get to take the kids bowling for a birthday party, I know it's going to be a blast!  Have a great weekend
Enjoy your Veske!


  1. Those cookies look yummy, and your bags are FABULOUS!

  2. Thanks and those cookies are the best!