Saturday, March 20, 2010

Can't wait for warm weather

Today I am just itching to start digging in my flowers! I can't wait until everything starts to green up! I'm even a bit excited to get to start mowing lawn again but that feeling will wear off pretty quickly I'm guessing. It's going to be interesting trying to get that done this years with the 2 little munchkins, at least I have Mya to help. She is so grown up for 7, I'm pretty lucky. They are all excited for summer too. Mya asked me the other day how long it will be until we can set up the pool and the slip 'n slide?!?! Then poor Kinsley went to go find a towel because she wanted to swim now! I talked her into taking a bath instead. :)

Here is some fun summery fabrics to look at. Can't want to start making bags from them!

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